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  • Shane Atlas

    Co-Founder of Elgg Jobs! Elgg Plugins, Elgg Hosting, Elgg Themes Everything from Job listings to plugins is FREE. ElggExchange is a moderated marketplace for extending and enhancing core elgg functionality...
  • Migrate Dolphin -> Elgg

    By wannabe in the group General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am a bit curious to find out if anyone migrated succesfully from Dolphin 7.x to Elgg ? And if the answer is yes, I would love to find out more details on this :-) Thanks in advance, W//
  • Dont anyone care about elgg ?

    By jaxcatz
    From the time I have been using elgg... (more than a year) I have reported many spammers and look at this guy - He has even uploaded someone else's ...
  • how long would it take to create a new site using Elgg

    By LekSJ in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there, I'm working with some friends to build a new social network site for people from our country and we are trying to decide which app to use, specifically Elgg or Dolphin.  My friends already purchased Dolphin but I've found that it's...