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  • By Steve Clay
     shutdown event (less important for plugin devs) errors in early core bootstrap The first two
  • adc

    By adc
    newbie devs. documentation as it is currently is incomplete & therefore not much help in some cases
  • By Steve Clay
    for more devs to get involved.
  • By Vextah
    I agree inca, if he's making money off his members then he should give some back to elgg devs
  • By iionly
    testing myself. @Core Devs: wouldn't it be nice to be able to disable comments to show when using
  • By Brett
    This isn't something the core devs would do because it's so specific to a certain use case, so it'd
  • By Evan Winslow
    devs could simply edit the original discussion post to insert their vote.
  • By Evan Winslow
    testing. The only way to get all plugin devs on board will be to make this default-on, rather than default
  • By Steve Clay
    even within bugfix releases. We should do what we can to ensure devs don't have to override it in
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    definitely do not approve of Putting blame & guilt on others Nor preaching down to other Devs Y'all stay