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  • Plugin Development

    Plugin Development

    ...I reference generated from the code at Also, if you are serious about developing with Elgg, be sure to join the Elgg developers google group: http://groups.g...
  • Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    ...n. It is a full-featured plugin for Elgg that is being actively developed. The Tidypics team is open to suggestions and contributions from other developers. FEATURES Albums Comment...
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    ...Buyers : You can request offers by opening a new thread for a project you need help on. Try to be descriptive on thread titles, so Elgg developers can identify the project from...
  • Elgg Technical Support

    Elgg Technical Support

      Having difficulty installing or customizing Elgg? This is the group where Elgg users and developers can help other users and developers get answers to their questions.   *** A great resource is htt...
  • Feedback and Planning

    Feedback and Planning

    How can the Elgg developers enhance their interactions with Elgg users? Comments, questions, and discussions encouraged!! If you are looking for installation, development or adm...
  • Poll Plugin

    Poll Plugin

    ...a collaborative manner and hosted in Google Code at the following address:   RULES To make it easier for us developers to follow your requests in th...
  • India Community

    India Community

    A community for Elggers from India. All developers and Elgg enthusiasts from India, please unite. Participate in translation of elgg to Indian languages Hindi : Malayalam :
  • Beginning Developers

    Beginning Developers

    Are you new to Elgg and wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to your liking? Do you need an advise, a tip or an idea? Are you looking for the best a...