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  • munkee

    I'm a senior analyst at Staffordshire University, thats not my real hair !
    Tags: skiing & other cool stuff, java, html, css, design
  • How to Design Simple “Take A Tour” Pages for your Elgg Community?

    By Hisham
    One of the most important things for any website, is to have a help pages or a tour pages that gives a hand to your visitors and help them discover your website by providing a clear short descriptions. Also this is useful for your website when you tell your visitors what they will get by particip...
    Tags: tour page, design, plugins, life thinking, community, take a tour
  • Adding Boxes Above The River

    By Trajan in the group Plugin Development
    Personally I feel that the river takes up a lot of space on the page, and I want to utilize that space more by providing some other content. The left-side "SideBoxes" are not enough for me and so I'm going to teach you how to add some boxes above the river. First, backup your whole riverdashboa...
    Tags: riverdashboard, customization, design, extension
  • Menu / Features

    By Uddhava dasa in the group Feedback and Planning
    I frequently notice that my end users get all caught up in the learning curve, and user interface. I understand that most users are not very talented in learning or computers. So far i've been tackling this problem with the use of canvas_menu, but still not fully adopted by users. Are there any...
    Tags: design, menu, interaction
  • [Design] Rounded corners

    By Sean Murricane in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, A fairly minor issue, but has anyone else noticed the lovely rounded corners only work on non-IE browsers? Sadly the predominant browser is still IE, so I have to cater to this - anyone got an idea why it's not working in IE before I give it a bash myself? Thanks,Sean
    Tags: design, rounded corners, css
  • Puya

    I am a web designer with a concentration on educational web tools.
    Tags: elgg, Drupal, design
  • Elody

    French Graphic and Web Designer discovering the Power of Elgg !
    Tags: Graphics, design, web design, horse riding, landscapes, photo and more !
  • melonchin

    Tags: web, design, themes, etc...
  • Stimpy

    I am a designer focused on the creation of advanced user interfaces for the web, applications and mobile.
    Tags: design, gui, iphone, ipod touch, Linux, social networks, freelance jobs, Apple
  • Design Feedback

    By gone in the group General Discussion
    Hello please give feed back on custom index desgin old view: Thank you for your help: goofbucket
    Tags: design, feedback, opinions, draft