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  • An Image, by default

    By Wogker in the group Feedback and Planning
    A proposal for the future Elgg. I think this CMS lacks a little more visual concept and I think it would be optimal for all different components incorporate an image like a default field: blogs (now with Blogs_Tools), discussions, files, bookmarks,...
  • Default enabled plugins for groups

    By Nacho Pavon in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all, is there anyway or plugin in elgg to show default plugin values in the group creation page? I'd like to preset this for my users so the most usefull plugins are enabled by default and the rest are disabled by default. Thanks in advance.
  • Default notifications settings

    By the_yke
    Configure default notifications settings for new users (email, site messages  or both ) Updating for notifications settings for all existing users Comment :) ! =========================== Configura las opciones de notificacion por defecto...
  • New Group Icon Photo.

    By mpmgc in the group Beginning Developers
    Easy to install. Change 4 default "Group icons" files. The path in your (elgg) folder is /mod/groups/graphics/ ( this is where the 4 files stay) > Upload each icons from "ElggGroupIcon1.8.0" file to"/ graphics folder". A total of 4 different...
  • How to create default album?

    By joiwoo in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    Is there a way to create a default/general photo album for user? Something like in facebook when you upload an image it will automatically store in Wall Photos. Thanks in advanced.
  • Welcome email in the inbox

    By Beef in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, is there away to have a welcome message placed in a users elgg mail box after joining your site? Or how would I set up for the system to send a welcome to their Email after they have activated their account. Thanks for all your help, Beef
  • Default Emails

    By Beef in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, I have looked for several hours, days... searched the discussions but cannot find where to edit the default emails. I would like to customize the emails sent out by the system.  Please Help!   Thanks, Beef
  • Profile Manager plugin Error

    By triout in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I've made a new profile field using the Profile Manager plugin, it is a pulldown list of the 50 US states (Alabama-Wyoming).  The Field works fine except it defaults on Wyoming, no matter what i do, it defaults on the last option of the...
  • Riverdashboard with "default view" option

    By Fabrix Xm in the group Plugin Development
    Here is my small mod to riverdashboard. It add a global option to select the default view for the users, and a user option, so every user can select his preferred view       download , zip file, only modified files it's my...
  • Default notification setting

    By elHayaze in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I am trying to change the default notification setting from "email" to "site" ( although I am using live notification system which replaces the "site" notification. Found the configuration file in engine/lib/notification.php  From which...