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  • Rapid Application Web Development Software

    By Joe Beck in the group General Discussion
    I'm looking for some web application development software. I am not a coder but I believe I am good at design. I would like to learn jQuery and PHP. I hope it would have the ability to load an entire CMS script and debug it step by step. Does...
  • Huge String of Unreadable Text

    By ns32 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello all. I am setting up a new Elgg site with 1.7.4. I'm slowly importing and testing the plugins, themes, and other piece-parts I had assembled for an earlier version of 1.7. The new site is almost ready except for the settings page, which is...
  • Entity Browser

    By Andras Szepeshazi
    This plugin lets site administrators conveniently manage all entities on their site. Entities can be browsed by types (and, in case of objects, subtypes), searched, sorted, filtered, displayed with different views, edited, enabled, disabled and...
  • How to debug Elgg beyond index.php? Please help.

    By Philip in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi,I'm trying to setup Elgg debugging in Aptana Studio as PHP Web Page using Zend debugger.So far I can get it working to the point that a debug session can stop at break-points I put in the root index.php.But the debug session does not stop at any...
  • Debugging in Elgg PHP

    By Mainak in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, a) Is there any IDE for setting up Elgg and debug from that IDE? b) Any idea if we can configure the wamp server with the IDE and run the elgg code? Thanks in advance.  
  • Debugging code in elgg

    By marcom in the group Plugin Development
    Hi All, I am wondering how the more experienced programmers get to test and debug plugins. It seems that there are never errors outputted or any comments at all which make it really hard to debug any kind of elgg code. How do you guys handle...
  • au_widgets_reordering_debug

    By Brian Jorgensen
    Enabling this plugin causes the widget reordering textareas (debugField1, debugField2, debugField3) to be displayed on any widget reordering or customization page ("Edit this page"). Elgg Plugin Concepts: this plugin is a simple example of how to...
  • Questions about Elgg's future

    By Jon in the group Feedback and Planning
    I've been working on a project using Elgg for the last 8 months.1. I'd like to know if the team ever considered replacing the core Database library with an open source ORM such as Doctrine which already implements Memcache and a slew of other useful...
  • Elgg Developer Tools

    By Cash
    Features controls for caching control display errors FirePHP integration so that you can display php logging in Firebug page creation timing plugin skeleton creation views finding help inspection of important variables (views, events,...
  • The Elgg Community: Guid Tool

    By Georg Westphalen
    Its a tool that's included in the SVN, but very useful, which i believe should appear in this directory listing. This is just for debbuging website problems, nothing useful on the user site. Install, and you will see new option in the...