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  • QuickLinks

    By Jerome Bakker
    You can easily create a link to a content item (eg Blog/Discussion etc) to be shown in a dashboard widget, or add a custom link in the widget
  • Activity Dashboard

    By CORE Education
    Extended Dashboard for Elgg. Adds activity feed and ability for admin users to add set widgets.
  • firstplanet

    By firstplanet is a social networking, learning and job portal to support young job seekers get CODEREADY and find their First Job quickly. CODEREADY Trainings are offered online/offline at free of cost to help the job seekers benefit out of open...
  • How to improve the performance of loading dashboard page

    By TrungHuynh in the group Performance and Scalability
    Hi, We are developing a site which we have one page call "news feeds" like facebook "news feeds". In my implementation, I used follow snippet code to get the news feeds via the river table: $activity = elgg_list_river(array(   ...
  • Adding Widgets to Profile & Dashboard

    By bigmaccer in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I've recently setup a social networking website ( and everything is starting to look fairly good. Only problem I appear to be having is adding widgets to both the profile and dashboard pages. The 'Add Widgets' button is...
  • Dashboard

    By Mmeal
    The dashboard is a plugin, so you can activate or deactivate it according to your taste and needs. You can use it as your private portal to activity: in the dashboard you can add widgets that you don't have in the activity page. Only the owner can...
  • Making a widget -- stuck in one area

    By zuda in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I am extending an add-on so it will be a widget on the dashboard. I wrote the view.php, but I am unsure what I need to put in the edit.php to make it appear on the dashboard. I put the code in views/default/widgets/widgetname/ Any tips on what I...
  • Riverdash problem

    By nanokill in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi folks ! i have Riverdash and River comments working fine...except for this: Instead of "Nickname actualizó su icono de perfil" (when an username update his profile picture) just show "ctualizó su icono de perfil" and there isn't...
  • Adding widgets, Admin options, etc

    By natedlee in the group Elgg Technical Support
    So I am recently getting back into Elgg - used to use it heavily back before v1.0 came about. I have Elgg up and running and I am testing things throughout the site. I am running into a few issues that I am hoping someone can help me fix (running:...
  • River addon

    By Per Jensen
    River Addon extends Activity page with modules and The Wire, and offers two or three column layout option. Choose from twelve different sidebar modules: Profile Icon, Friends, Friends Online, Latest Comments, Newest Members Info Ticker, Latest...