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  • By iionly
    a Elgg site that only serves static content. But you would have to customize it - and if only to
  • By Robert Dinse
    how to customize.  I spent several months on Minds before giving up and never got it operational
  • By Cim
    free to customize it however you want. with that said, elgg gives you a starting point instead of
  • By Tom
    Notifications Ajax or other Elgg Live Notifications plugins to customize your Elgg site. There are several
  • By iionly
    FreeHTML widget to display an image within the widget. Or you could use the assets to customize your theme
  • By iionly
    of basis that you would have to extend/customize to get a full working solution. Problem with these
  • By jmperu
    customize your site's homepage. Il existe d'autres plugins qui répertorient 
  • By ihayredinov
    override. They are great for developing an end product, where you have a design, you customize your
  • By iionly
    think you want. But you need to some work on your own, too, to customize the solutions exactly to your
  • By iionly
    -ckeditor_addons/releases). It's to be used in addition to the bundled CkEditor plugin. It allows to customize