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  • By iionly
    customization of the UI. I guess you would have to change the line toolbar: [['Bold', 'Italic'
  • By iionly
    , enable it and your done. If you already have a plugin that contains customization code for your site, you
  • By iionly
    it's init function in start.php or you could add this line in some customization plugin / your
  • By RvR
    copy and paste all needed files to this your plugin Read more about customization also
  • source code documentation for ver. 2.o or higher

    By Seyed in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi, I am trying to do some customization for which I need to understand how the source code works
  • By rjcalifornia
    , you know for customization purposes. Even worst, it doesn't explains that you can add classes to
  • By Cim
    starting from scratch. from there on, you can do whatever you want to it as far as customization/coding
  • By iionly
    little plugin for that on your own or extend some other already existing "customization" plugin
  • By iionly
    customization plugin by creating copies of these two views at mod/my_plugin/views/default/resources/index.php
  • By Tom
    willing to spend to customize your site.  If you need customization of your Elgg site, ask for help