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  • Placing Friends' Activity 'River' view in your custom dashboard.

    By kshelton360 in the group Beginning Developers
    In order to have your friends' activities showing up within your custom dashboard in the 'river' style, place the following code whereever you want the information to show up. <?php $owner = page_owner_entity(); $limit = 8;   if ($vars['entity']->limit) $limit = $var...
    Tags: custom dashboard, elgg
  • 3 column riverdashboard

    This is a riverdashboard with 3 columns and using features from the latest version of riverdashboard. Should be pretty stable, i have more features not included in here that are still a little buggy - tobe released soon. Works in elgg version 1.6.1 but i think it should work in 1.5 as well but h...
    Tags: custom dashboard, 3 column, three column riverdashboard, riverdashboard
  • Feedback for 3 column dashboard

    By Fusion in the group 3 column riverdashboard
    Ok so I have a couple of questions for those using the dashboard so some feedback would be nice.. Do you want your users to have control over any settings on the dashboard? and if so, what do you want them to control? Do you want external site links to go to a warning page before leaving the ...
    Tags: riverdashboard, custom dashboard