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  • Pages - Nearly a CMS

    By Joss in the group Feedback and Planning
    The page system within Elgg is a nice addition as it sit...ood choice, however, the lack of a highly intuitive image upload and insert system is p...ble, for most users just having a simple way to add images would be addition enough!The...
  • Plugin Control

    By Joss in the group Feedback and Planning
    Although, as I understand it, the architecture of Elgg forces consistency in the bac...h roles can do what by default Look and Feel - style suffix, icon, background image, borders, edit CSS  Plu...

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  • Facebook style profile with cover image

    By NoobyNoob
    This is great plugin, using it on my site :)  
    Tags: profile, cover, cover image, facebook profile
  • Facebook Timeline Theme

    By Tom
    Elgg Timeline theme for Elgg 1.9 and above is a theme built for Elgg 1.9 and latest versions that will make your site behave like Facebook Timeline theme.  This theme "timeline_theme" is meant to show the theming capabilities of  Elgg 1.9 and latest versions Elgg based site...
    Tags: Timeline for elgg, timeline theme, facebook timeline, facebook theme, Timeline_theme, Elgg theme, profile, cover, profile cover, cover image, facebook profile, facebook cover photo