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  • By iionly
    functionality is now included in Elgg core already (see release announcement at
  • By Jerome Bakker
    If you wish to redirect all mails during development or on a test server. Elgg core has featurees
  • By iionly
    at Maybe a core dev knows what's wrong.
  • By Rohit Gupta
    And one more thing, you forgot @RvR, he might not have contributed much on the core development
  • By seri_ng
    reserved for Elgg core codes. iionly, according to Jerome's answer, I do not think I should open the
  • By iionly
    't have to enter any Event Calendar specific commands. There are only the Elgg core cronjobs
  • By RvR
    What wrong with Embed plugin (in Elgg core by default)?
  • By RvR
    It's the core's (aka bundled) plugin.
  • By meril
    Hi Elgg Community,          Kindly help me how to change in the core to
  • By VSR
    core server files have also been replaced with the stock 1.12.17 now.