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  • By İşöğüçı
    with the text. I know that these companies have deep pockets but user does not care. A relatively
  • By iionly
    other social network sites. These companies might have simply disabled the necessary API after all the
  • By iionly
    don't know if it might help to get in contact with some companies that also offer Elgg services
  • By Michele
    Thanks to you guys talking about this very important matter involving not only european companies
  • By kanha
    instead of the open internet?) and many companies have Fb-only web address - shocking. In this scenario
  • auto join group by domain at registration

    By seanschroeder in the group General Discussion
    administration menu.  However, I am not able to get it to work. My companies email struction is  
  • By Tom
    Department of Defence, and even local police departments depend on large utility companies like Facebook to
  • By Matt Beckett
    projects for some very large companies using Elgg currently.  I wouldn't take the slowdown to mean
  • By Tom
    writing is on the wall. The good old days of Facebook are coming to an end. Companies start spending
  • By kanha
    companies or in the companies which "purchased" them). Elgg 2x has many and many more plugins( and