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  • MoneyPati

    By Esha
    This is public community site for Investors mainly focused on India. Here we share tips and tricks about Investing your Money Effectively and beat Inflation. There is old proverb that Money makes money. But that is possible only with smart money...
  • howdy

    By Embassy
    Howdy is a social network that has alot of functions. It allows for easy communication with users, a provision for uploading of youtube videos. It also allows users to auction, buy, dash out their items on the howdy market where users can buy items...
  • 1Samaj

    By enRaiser
    This site is dedicated to various communities in India, the group plugin is modified to look like a websites. THIS IS MOST SEO FRIENDLY, WEBSITE I EVER MADE. THS IS VERY FST WEBSITE DUE TO MY SPEED IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES. a new plugin...
  • Spotwork

    By Mike Zacher (vazco)
    Highly customized Spotwork is a complex french social network focused around users promoting their skills. You can make here a profile which will advertise your skills and passions or post a need and find somebody who fits your requirements. It's...
  • Elgg Community

    By Matt Beckett
    The Elgg community site where end users and developers can connect, provide and receive crowd sourced support.  The official repository of Elgg plugins and themes, as well as this showcase.
  • - earth heart community

    By ura soul
    An evolving social networking environment that is designed to assist us to balance our energy while increasing our levels of awareness, integrity & love. here we can provide support to one another while applying our abilities to solve our...
  • how to moderate a community

    By krismb in the group General Discussion
    I would like the new user write something about himself herself in order that I approve or not new users.   Or do you have an other way to do it ?