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  • Themer

    By Arsalan Shah
    Themer This is actually component that i wrote for I converted it into elgg plugin. This plugin will allow you to change site colors. Requires 'Aalborg Theme' and Elgg 1.11.1 also tested on Elgg 1.10.x...
  • Body Background for 1.8

    By 13net
    !!! This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release !!! This will give your Elgg site a completly unique look instantly. Just take a look at the screenshots. This plugin enables Administrators to change...
  • Just change color

    By sprach in the group Elgg Technical Support
    How do you change the colors of the default theme? We see blue, I want orange, light orange, dark orange and similar compatible combinations. Thanks in advance...
  • Source Code of Message with verifications

    By Juan Pa in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello. Elgg show some message at top of page with some emergent frames with the message, in default installation that frame is green and is easy to see. I changed the theme of elgg and the theme changes the colour of the frame; so, i need to know...
  • Can´t read text in riverdashboard

    By Peggy Sue in the group Plugin Development
    Hi I changed the background color to black on the riverdashboard and unfortunately it was black text on this board before. Were do I change the black text color so it will be readable? Thanks in advance
  • 3 specific (simple) questions.

    By mikejkelley in the group Theme Development
    (...and 1 bonus question!) Hi all, thnx for checking out this post. I am using elgg 1.6 and the vazco_mainpage mod (among others). I have questions about where to find the following attributes in order to change their color. no. 1: The border...
  • changing color for blogs!

    By N Mahmud in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello I have changed the color of the blog in, by changing color in two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent It changes the color of the blog when I view it, BUT NOT when I write a blog. The problem is i can see both the view and write (TineMCE with...
  • Themer

    By Alex Tanchoco
    Features: Allows site administrators to customize their site by changing background image or colors. If the administrator allows, users can optionally select their own colors. Detects browser header for some mobile devices and formats the...
  • Tinymce color problem

    By jdleung in the group Plugin Development
    I enable the font color and background color button on my site. When a user select a word, and change its color and background color, and change the both color again, and once more... We got the code below: <span style="color: #ffff00;">...