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  • seraphinlampion

    Looking for infos and feedback about creating a social network for a group of professionnals working across a large geographical scale in France. Technical infos, usability approach (menus, tools, browsing, templates, skins) are welcome. Thank you !...
  • Etherpad

    By Alejandro Mellado
    This plugin saves and creates a link for writing group documents online to work collaboratively using etherpad. You can use any public etherpad service, if prefere can install one. The URL to download You must register...
  • WebODF plugin?

    By Krischan in the group Plugin Development
    Came accross this awesome javascript library that seems to allow collaborative file editing without a complex server-backend like etherpad AND has more editing...
  • Dokuwiki integration

    By sem
    This module is based on the work of @caedes for Elgg 1.7, I only migrated to Elgg 1.8.
  • Featurerequests

    By idiotter in the group Professional Services
    I'm looking for some additional functionality ... and posted this as a featurerequest: maybe someone here likes to work on this ...
  • [Featurerequest] #hastags, @replies, and more

    By idiotter in the group Feedback and Planning
    I think elgg is one of the best social platforms for educational purposes (simple, good functions, ...) I don't know where to post ideas of features elgg should have (in my opinion) in one of the next versions, so i'll post it...