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  • Video Consultation

    By videowhisper
      This web based Video Consultation module can easily be installed on Elgg to enable video collaboration. Users are enabled to create unlimited creation of video presentation rooms. This provides live web based video conferencing, chat, live...
  • Conversations

    By Trajan
    This plugin replaces the default messages and messageboard plugin completely. It is developed along the lines of the Facebook message system which uses conversations instead of individual messages. Features: Completely ajaxed...
  • Chat

    By César in the group Elgg Brasil
    Amigos, baixei todos os plugins de Chat que encontrei no repositório oficial mas nenhum rodou legal. Estou precisando muito de uma indicação que funcione no 1.8.1 . Alguém pode me indicar ? Desde já agradeço
  • PF Chat (Chatrooms) (1.8)

    By Munir Tariq
    This plugin will add php free chat to your site. you can change themes, set chat history to save in text file or in my_sql, create chatrooms..... admins can control the users by commands. (consult to phpfreechat website) users aslo have different...
  • My first Chatroom plugin that works!! Easy to Install - no database needed

    By Prieto in the group Feedback and Planning
    This feels real good! With the help of this friendsly and helpful community I was able to create a CHAT ROOM plugin that is VERY EASY to install and use download it...
  • Chatroom

    By Stumpy in the group Elgg Technical Support
    i was wondering if somebody would be so kind as to give me a line of code that i can add to my meebo chatroom embedcode that would allow meebo to pull the user's username? and also how might i go about making a plugin out of it?  I would like...
  • shoutout chat

    By Justin in the group Feedback and Planning
    * shoutout chat: which will let members to drop a shoutout from there own very page, then it will go randomly to all other profile page of other member, the person that drop a shoutout, picture and a short info about him will display randomly on the...
  • Feri Chat

    By Manasi in the group Feedback and Planning
    My feri chat window is not opening. No user can be able to log in. My site url is
  • Mejorar elgg Chat

    By mariano in the group Elgg Argentina
    este topic es para todos los que quieran ayudar a mejorar elggchat el plugin principal se encuntra disponible aqui  
  • chat para elgg cual elegir?

    By Atunawiki in the group Elgg Spain
    Hola que tal, soy nuevo por aqui, aunque ya he montado la red aun no la he customizado ni nada. He visto que hay varios pluggins para chat y me gustaria que me aconsejarais cual es el mas apropiado segun vuestra experiencia, yo solo he probado el...