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  • By iionly
    plugin works fine with all bundled plugins and also all of my plugins. But other plugins might
  • By iionly
    "web_services" plugin is a bundled plugin of Elgg. It's included in the GPL version
  • By RvR
    -bundled plugin + Aalborg theme. I'll check it again right now with new Elgg installation.
  • By RvR
    plugins) Because, I can't reproduce this on my Elgg 2.3.9 with bundled plugins.
  • By iionly
    already explained, Elgg comes with the bundled Uservalidationbyemail plugin that provides the account
  • By crawdaddy
    bundled version of the uservalidationbyemail plugin is elgg 1.9 and thats what written in the
  • Turkish translation

    By Hakan Gür in the group Plugin Development
    all bundled plugins as well (actually, all plugins expect for developers, logrotate, messages
  • By iionly
    the bundled CKeditor plugin of Elgg where I added a few more options to be available by default.
  • Blog library override

    By TCB in the group General Discussion
    bundled blog plugin.  What I'm trying to do: When loading the blog view, for each blog entry I
  • By iionly
    I've read the documentation included in the bundled search plugin of Elgg 2.x and the problem