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  • By Reuven
    URLs should be replace there is a plugin setting for a whitelist and a blacklist. If the whitelist is
  • By Herb
    blacklist plugins and have fail2ban set for http blocking on my server and i get no spam
  • By iionly
    but with a different blacklist. It's not as successful than the StopForumSpam database as the
  • By iionly
    blacklist this domain in the Spam Login Filter plugin settings, so they can't register with such email
  • By iionly
    could be to make use of the Spam Login Filter plugin blacklist. I can't tell you how exactly the
  • By iionly
    wrongly mark them as spam or in the worst case even set your server on a blacklist (you would be able to
  • By iionly
    check if your server is already in a blacklist. Often used is Another site was
  • By iionly
    sites like that you could check out to see if they might blacklist your server/IP already
  • Display Name Checker

    By meril in the group Performance and Scalability
    to blacklist all kind of symbols including dot (.) .. The below plugin looks like helpful but