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  • Beginning Developers

    Beginning Developers

    Are you new to Elgg and wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to your liking? Do you need an advise, a tip or an idea? Are you looking for the best approach in achieving the results you need? And most importantly, are you ready...
  • Elgg Beginners' Guide - Development

    By Mmeal
    This is the second part of the Beginners' Guide, here's the first one.   Elgg is a framework; a framework (as dictionary says) is "a supporting structure around which something can be built". So, what about this structure? (we will assume...
  • Help with creating, using and deleting metadata

    By psman in the group Beginning Developers
       I am very new to elgg, so please be gentle and pardon me for any dumb questions. I have a few very basic questions about storing metadata. For each user I want to have a new field called creds (short for credits). I want to store the...
  • Welcome to Elgg Beginners Group

    By ihayredinov in the group Beginning Developers
    Welcome to this Elgg for Beginners group. It has been born after some discussion with the Core team, where we have identified the need to create a space for developers, web-savvy administrators and quick-learners, who are new to Elgg and wish to...
  • get started

    By André Cavalcante in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I need some text about ELGG's features to help beginners. For instance, how to edit profile, what tpo write on tag, and to put comma, etc