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  • [1.8-2.0] Registration Terms

    By Jackson
    Force the users to Check and Accept Terms Of use and Privacy
  • Two Step Verification

    By Parisa Dolatabadi
    This is plugin for two step can create secret and QRcode of the secret and sacn QRcode with OTP authenticator Apps. Go to settings-->configure your tools and set Two Step Verification Settings. If you set secret for...
  • SimpleSAML

    By Jerome Bakker
    Connect your site to a SAML/CAS IDentity Provider (IDP) as a Service Provider (SP) or configure your Elgg installation as an IDP. Requirements installation of SimpleSAMLPHP read the INSTALL.txt Features Act as SAML Service...
  • SoundCloud Plugin

    By Ricardo Horita
    A standard plugin for SoundCloud authentication. Configuration through Client ID/Secret from SoundCloud official API, providing widgets for user tracks and playlists in the user's profile. Available in english and...
  • Enhanced LDAP Auth 2.0

    By Tazer
    I have added the ability to only allow users in a certain Security Group in Active Directory access to your community site. If the users are not in the group, access is denied. One side effect is if the user attempts login more then 3 times, their...
  • LinkedIn Login

    By dllud
    This is a port to Elgg 1.8 of the LinkedIn Login for Elgg 1.7 by hash. Unzip, upload, enable, and enter your key/secret under settings. It will extend the login view with an image link to sign in via LinkedIn, and will extend user settings to allow...
  • Elgg Authentication

    By Sam Grant in the group Beginning Developers
    I just installed ELGG on my GoDaddy-hosted site. I already have an existing user-base and would like to have those users be able to use ELGG without having to recreate new accounts for them. Is there a way to have ELGG use my existing database...
  • HybridAuth Client for Elgg

    By Arck Interactive
    elgg_hybridauth HybridAuth Client for Elgg HybridAuth Client for Elgg is an authentication tool that allows users to create new Elgg accounts using their social media accounts. Providers included by...
  • Locked out of your Elgg site? This can help.

    By Steve Clay
    If you run an Elgg where the "Lost password" feature fails (e.g. localhost with no mail-sending abililty, or you lost access to the e-mail account), you may need to change your password to get back in. Here's a script to do that. First you'll need...
  • Persona

    By Ben Werdmuller
    This plugin, for Elgg 1.8+, adds a Persona login button to your Elgg site. Persona is a simple authentication mechanism created by Mozilla, inspired by one-click authentication mechanisms like Facebook Connect and Twitter authentication. The...