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  • By iionly
  • Widget : how does one drag it in mobile ?

    By kanha in the group General Discussion
    Any idea how does one drag and reposition the widgets on touchscreen like android smartphones ?
  • By Robb
    ; the error happens FOR ME on firefox mobile android.  I don't know if it happens on other
  • By worldopensources
    Hi are you using android webview to display website in android or its written from scratch, also
  • By Robb
    " 302 380 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.1.2; Mobile
  • By just4fun
    work from Android smartphone and different PC and also get this error.   I've managed to
  • By BETO
    Right, @Herb. I look forward to the possibility of a friendly advice to develop the Android
  • By Herb
    Not to sound like a complete dweeb but I made both Android and Windows apps by just having the
  • By Herb
    programming, I use Android Studio for Android apps calling webview and for Windows 10 (and in the future
  • By Herb
    android webview the camera and photos work fine. You can make Android or Apple apps in it too but