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  • swank

    im a Lamp dev / looking for the best open source sn solution to use on a few projects this decade. Not trying to take over facebook; just plan on rolling out private & public social networks and I like what I have seen so far on elgg. The look...
  • Shane Atlas

    Co-Founder of Elgg Jobs! Elgg Plugins, Elgg Hosting, Elgg Themes Everything from Job listings to plugins is FREE. ElggExchange is a moderated marketplace for extending and enhancing core elgg functionality...
  • Oranyero

    Algo sobre mi, pues en mis tiempos libres después de estudiar, salir con los amigos, y demás el poco tiempo que tengo lo dedico a mi hobbie, un proyecto que llevo teniendo en mente desde los 16 años y que ahora a los 18 estoy pudiendo...
  • make ajax elgg message

    By v06 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    hiii.... elgg core message plugin is not cool... bore with send& receive message... elgg developers please look for ajax message(thread view).. Thanks...
  • River Auto Update

    By Hadi K
    Using this plugin, you never need to refresh the activity page to show new activities or load older activities.  This plugin has two main functionalities: 1. It updates the river every 15 seconds to show new activities. For example, if you...
  • Ajax very interesting plugin by Ura Soul

    By Michele
    Looking forward to the integration with River_addon by Gillie to test it
  • some enhancements for tidypics - anyone have any more?

    By ura soul in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    recently i have made the following fixes/enhancements to tidypics here: fixed: friends list was not showing albums from all friends fixed: owner and friends lists were not rendered in a tidypics-gallery element fixed: album image count now has...
  • how to send post in blog and other with ajax?

    By masoud in the group Elgg Technical Support
    i want to send blog,wire,file with ajax Please help me?
  • ajax file upload

    By CK in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi, I have a flash sound recorder, which allows to upload recorded sound on server. Here is example ( In my case I need to upload recorded file to elgg server via ajax....
  • google plus-ness in elgg?

    By ura soul in the group General Discussion
    i've been using google plus recently.. it is pretty much the most complete social network solution i have used so far.. features include: mostly ajaxed interface hashtag autogeneration smooth transitions between site functions / features add...