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  • Ajax problem

    By Thuvalpakshi in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Respected developers, i have installed three plugins profile manager delete me Elgg devolper tools after installing these all ajax related plugins are behaving strange way. for example if you do a rating with fivestar rating plugin, rating...
  • Groups & Members with Ajax tabs - 1.7

    By ura soul
    These are the standard groups and members plugins with edits to support ajax tabbed menus in place of the standard non ajax menus that are contained in the current elgg release of 1.7.6. in plain english this  means that the tabbed menus in...
  • Ajax form input

    By Desiron
    Provides a ajax form input view for elgg system very similar to the default elgg form input view provided by elgg and It is compatible with elgg action system
  • Example for State Of The Art Web 2.0 / AJAX interface in Elgg

    By westor in the group Professional Services
    Yesterday I released a new version of Westors Elgg Manager - I think, it's a good showcase of a really comfortable user interface you could have with your elgg installation. I got a plenty of good feedback notes and recommendations.This screenshot...
  • Westors Elgg Manager - New Version

    By westor in the group Plugin Development
    This weekend I released a new version of my plugin Westors Elgg Manager. With this plugin you get a comfortable web 2.0 frontend to manage a plenty of data. It is helpful for admins and for normal users too. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to...
  • Ajax breaks on some plugins

    By davidjmorin in the group Elgg Technical Support
    When I enable some plugins it appears that the ajax stops working.  Like that box that shows when you enable a plugin and then disappears. well that does not disappear and I cannot close it unless I refresh. how do I fix this?
  • Ajaxify

    By Evan Winslow
    Elgg 1.8 introduces a new js library that provides a nice foundation for ajax development. This plugin is meant to build on that foundation and start getting Elgg actually ajaxified. The initial results look very promising! Who needs this...
  • User name and Password Checker

    By Leo de Carvalho
    Features: Checks user name avaiability and password strenght with jquery. Allows translate. Extends register form and user settings. Works with "SiteAccess" plugin and other plugins that extend the registration form. Installation: copy...
  • Likes / Dislikes Support for Elgg without spyware

    By bman
      The module allow a user to mark objects by default on its creation, for example, when a blog creates or a pages, etc. There is a easy way to put it in another views just take a look to the INSTRUCTIONS.txt file. if you really like this...
  • River Comments - WITHOUT SPYWARE

    By bman
    This plugin has been based on the facebook comments feature. Let the users to comments inline in the riverdashboard.  if you really like this plugin recommend it, I would really appreciate it   (I will setup the git repo when i wake...