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  • Advanced search for users

    By sixkm in the group Beginning Developers
    Hey guys, I would like to have a functionality which woudl enable me to search for other users based on certain profile fields such as "Univeristy Degree", "Gender", "Interests" for a univeristy social media site. I have been looking around and...
  • Opinion please

    By Nanobeats Music in the group General Discussion
    Hi. I am new to here and would like to ask for advice.  I just installed 1.8.11 several days ago (thank you for creating such a good script) and installed quite a few plugins for my social networking site aiming for students. Since my site is...
  • Social Network for Students

    By kári sinkko in the group General Discussion
    Hi, A friend of mine told me about Joomla but it seemed to be more for websites than a social network for students. I guess after looking at Joomla the past month I understand components and plugins and templates. Is Elgg similar but focussed...
  • Advice

    By Barry in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi I am new to elgg and have got the elgg engine running quite smoothly on my site. I work with a group of teenagers in a youth centre and  we want to be able to put the games we create in HTML 5 into the site as well as embedding footage...
  • Extending discussions functionality

    By Casey in the group Plugin Development
    I'm not necessarily looking for someone to develop the plugin(s) (that would be nice though), but rather for some pointers from experienced coders, developers, and other Elgg-savvy folks. I would like the following additional functionality for...