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  • Registration Filter

    Only emails from the autorized domains will be allowed to register. This can be used to limit registration to known domains (only emails from those domains will be registered), or to exclude spam domains from registration (registration will...
  • Access icons

    Provides access level views aimed at indicating visually the access level of a given entity. Also provides an explanation page for access levels, and useful views for displaying access levels. Icons are defined via CSS.
  • hypeInvite

    By ihayredinov
    Allows users to invite new users by email An option to create an invite-only network Keeps track of all invitations to the same email address Creates friend requests when invitations are accepted Group owners can allow members to invite...
  • Test panel

    By Jerome Bakker
    Is your site almost ready for the general public, but still want some feedback? Or are you using a test/development version of your production site? Surely you don't want to have everybody looking around, this plugin allows you to configure a...
  • Friends ACL

    By Arck Interactive
    Friends ACL In Elgg the friends access collection is abstracted and access is determined by a relationship check at the point of database query. Problems can arise when viewing comments/replies and annotations that use this abstracted friends...
  • Comment Access Sync

    By Arck Interactive
    Comment Access Sync In Elgg comments and discussion replies have their own access id which controls who can see it. The access id is initially set to that of the content being commented on, however if the access of the entity changes, the access...
  • Granular Access

    By Matt Beckett
    This plugin adds a new option to the access dropdown list 'Custom' When custom is selected, a new UI will appear with an entity picker.  Any number of users and groups can be granted access using this interface.  Access will...
  • Working around the Friends Access comment bug

    By Steve Clay in the group Plugin Development
    Elgg has a major bug (#3391) due to friends not being a real ACL. Basically the access controls are messed up on comments left on ACCESS_FRIENDS content. Each comment will only be seen by friends of that commenter.  The solution is quite...
  • Realms: The Future of Access Control in Elgg?

    By Steve Clay in the group Feedback and Planning
    After studying Drupal's access control system I think I've sketched out a design that would add a lot of power and simplify a few things we have today. Users would be associated with "realms" (via the DB and dynamically) and each realm would offer...
  • Hidden ical feed for closed groups?

    By Krischan in the group Event calendar
    I guess this will be difficult to implement given the strict access rules of Elgg, but it would be nice if there was an option to add an hidden ical feed so that closed groups (with events not publically visible) can also syncronize their calendars...