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  • iZAP plugins discussion

    iZAP plugins discussion

    release of our plugin "izap_videos". Here we will publish our next road maps and plugins we are working on
  • Performance and Scalability

    Performance and Scalability

    Feel free to discuss anything within the realm of making Elgg and Elgg-based sites run faster
  • Beginning Developers

    Beginning Developers

    , then this group is for you. Those of us, who have been in this community long enough, understand the
  • India Community

    India Community

    . Participate in translation of elgg to Indian languages Hindi :
  • Event calendar

    Event calendar

    This group is for discussing the event calendar plugin. The latest version of this plugin can be
  • Poll Plugin

    Poll Plugin

    This group is for the discussion of the development and usage of the poll plugin. The poll plugin
  • Form and related plugins

    Form and related plugins

    flexfile plugins. You can always get the latest version of these plugins from here: http
  • Shellcode Plugins

    Shellcode Plugins

    : Feel free to make feature requets on any of my current plugins.  This group will be a better place to
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    more readable, and sellers interested in a specific area can scan your title faster. Eg. instead of