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  • Loginrequired Theme

    By MyHoTFB.COM ®
    Loginrequired Theme plugin Ver: 1.9.9 for Elgg 2.3   DISCLAIMER: ALL Credits Goes To the Original Author iionly The version 1.9.9  ​is an slight modification of iionly original plugin - 1.9.8...
  • enColor

    By enRaiser
    Replace colours of aalborg theme. Choose 2 major colors using color pickers in the setting of encoler plugin. The rest of the colours will be auto suggested. This source code is also integrated into enRaiser Theme Builder...
  • Awsome Theme

    By Pranjal Pandey
    This Theme Tries to Add Cover Photo feature to elgg there are small CSS changes, its future releases would be more cool. Please Do Report Bugs and issues. Suggest new features to be added  
  • Where Can I buy coustomised elgg templete/Theme

    By A in the group General Discussion
    Hi Everyone. Please I was wondering where I could buy Full coustomised elgg theme with mobile reseponsive view, wire post on the River and reply to wire post from river. free ones give issues  
  • Fully Responsive Themes?

    By MartinMagi in the group Beginning Developers
    Hello anybody aware of any fully responsive, (or responsive ish) themes for elgg?Thanks   Martin
  • Terminator Theme

    By steve
    Works in perfect in version 1.8.6........
  • Cheeka Red Theme

    By steve
    Attrative theme for 1.8 works fine on 1.8.6, please note that i ahve enclosed a readme text in the zip download and a custom index  which will if installed properly display the frontpage as in the screenshot above.
  • Pink Theme For elgg

    By dudi
    sorry aber mein englisch ist super schlecht :) Ich wollte euch mein Layout als dankeschön geben. Das Layout unterstütz Costum index Danke an alle für die Hilfe How to edit:  Change the header bar menu Go to...