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  • Elgg Technical Support

    Elgg Technical Support

    developers can help other users and developers get answers to their questions.   *** A great resource is http
  • Turkish Support Group / Türkçe Destek Grubu

    Turkish Support Group / Türkçe Destek Grubu

    interested in studies in other countries with ELGG. i hope we can be together here to do good things and to
  • Poll Plugin

    Poll Plugin

    ] - for a feature request [BUG] - for reporting a possible bug For other general topics just don't append
  • Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    contributions from other developers. FEATURES Albums Comments Tagging Slideshow Watermarking Upload multiple
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    your problem already has a solution. For addons, it's a good idea to find other people interested