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  • By Brett
    OSS projects: Wordpress, Moodle, Joomla, and Drupal.  All are quite restrictive in limiting
  • By Evan Winslow
    -based OSS project. Unfortunately, the way the code was designed in the past was NOT for testability, and
  • By Brett
    change our blub and call Elgg an "OSS Interactions Engine" or something similar, but that feels so hard
  • By Matt Beckett
    out.  No need for VMs or additional OSs and you can have the current version.
  • By Tom
    @ Matt Beckett  , I agree with you 100 percent.  Elgg is an OSS. Not everyone will be
  • By Brett
    back, though it's in the spirit OSS and best interest of Elgg if you do!  If you are
  • By MrEnoch
    certainly other F/OSS projects that have very sucesfully created healthy communities of non-core
  • By Brett
    address a minimum number or severity of bugs to make it worth everyone's time. This is an OSS project that
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    living by working with OSS such as Elgg) , not *not by hobbyists. "We all help each other and Elgg
  • By iionly
    necessary plugins (OSS plugins / GNU license), so I'm at least not at a dead-end with Elgg 1.7. There's no