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  • EmailPlus

    By slyhne
    Send out full HTML mails to your users using PHPMailer ( This gives you a way to use a real mail server (MTA) to send email, instead of PHP mail-function. Using a real MTA makes a world of difference when...
  • Where is this HTML coming from

    By Matt Beckett
    Where is this HTML being generated? Elgg follows an MVC pattern where Views are 'V'. Views are reusable code that get called like this: echo elgg_view('view/name', $params); Where $params is an array...
  • Adding a widget with code to pull from another site

    By JawJak in the group Plugin Development
    I am trying to figure out where to go for a finding or creating a widget for elgg 1.8 currently with default elgg theme (that I will change possibly tonight). The site it is on if needing to see theme is The code I need to...