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  • Small Fixes

    By SGr33n
    ...    $count_annotations = $count_annotations -1; mod/google-map/languages/en.phpsearch: 'gmap:modify' => 'Enter your Google Maps API Key<br /><s...
  • Google Maps / Google Earth Plugin/Form

    By steven
    ...HONE FAX EMAIL INTERNET i found a google faq page to this:;  <form action='' method='get' target..."UTF-8"?><kml xmlns=""><Document&...
  • beware ... kewl scam

    By Phil
    Any body can find this info using google and a few clicks ... The sales pitch: kewlkashhithe bonuses mentioned in t...
  • Developing Elgg from Vista to Ubuntu 9.04 - the complete setup

    By Tom
    ...t more wow than Aero on Vista; it boots FAST, it runs fast.. ** Memory Oh and did I tell it uses when I have all my aps open (Netbeans, Firefox, Google Chrom, Thunderbird, some File...
  • Elgg Seo Speed by

    By lord55 in the group Italian Community Group
    ...t CDN options #SEO on site: Added Static Constants: Site verification: Google, Bing/Ms, Yahoo htacces---...O on site: Added Flush #SEO on page: Added MetaTag: Site verification: Google, Bing/Ms, Yahoo #SEO on page...
  • GooGle Analytics

    By jaxcatz
    We have 3 nice plugins for google analytics viz; 1. Google Analytics by Jerome Bakker h...plugins/jeabakker/read/384520/google-analytics 2. Google analytic.../plugins/webgalli/read/398656/google-adsense-and-analytics-gpl Christian Schneider (not google - piwik) http://community.el...
  • monetizing elgg - Brainstorm session

    By jaxcatz
    ...monetize those websites ? Lets brainstorm - Monetizing options - 1. Google Adsense, adbrites using tidyp...ght one header and one side banner... 5. I dont know if you can insert google ads inside your pages or blog...
  • (rounded corners)

    By rich
    ...the same directory as the stylesheet (normally)  using site http:// url does not work either!  the files are here on google code:
  • Elgg SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

    By Dipak C. G.
    ...eta-description. More, I found that Elgg is good with it's indexing in Google and you can check it very eas...type 'site:<your-elgg-website>' (Example: in Google and you will get almost pages...
  • It's very easy to make a translation

    By Mary.G
    These manuals are for new elgg users. I was looking for a greek translation pack, I found one but it was very poor , so I discover that it is very convenient  to...