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  • Proavatar

    By Tom
    Touch-friendly JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, without dependencies. Responsive layout. Swipe and zoom gestures. Show off your Profile Avatars! Proavatar enables the the users to upload photos and  admins to take full...
  • Bio Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

    By Tom
    Best Responsive Multi-Purpose Free Elgg Theme : Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pricepoint dating combined. Bio user profile page is Touch-friendly JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, without dependencies. Responsive layout. Swipe and...
  • Like us on Facebook

    By Cim
    Features: input any facebook fan page adjust popup delay timer option to show the popup on every page or first time visit removed the popup for mobile users
  • Elgg smartfeed plugin dev

    By kutomer in the group Plugin Development
    Hello everybody, I've started creating new plugin for elgg called - smartfeed. it began as a POC for using angular with elgg, but now I decided to take it a bit farther and I'm realy working on it. My goal is making news feed in elgg similar...
  • A Case for P2P Infrastructure for Social Networks: Elgg

    By Hans in the group General Discussion
    In order to overcome privacy concerns such a we now see with Facebook, Google+, basically all ISP services from the states, could Elgg be used for a p2p infrastructure, to connect smaller locally hosted social networks globally, into a network of...
  • Addthis-Share with Smart Layers

    By Cyril Sabbagh
    This Plugin uses AddThis sharing tools to implement third-party buttons like Google+1, Tweet and Facebook Like. AddThis is the global leader for sharing and social insights. Features: Complete share buttons (more than 300 bookmark and share...
  • Ultimate Cool Theme

    By FusionOz
    Tested on : 1.8.16 This theme has a lot of fixes to the version 2.1.1 Fixes:View all comments fixed. Thanks Ve Like button now showing in groups and on the dashboard. Thanks ve Delete button added to dashboard, groups, messageboard, blog. Thanks...
  • Customizing Facebook Theme

    By Guy in the group Beginning Developers
    I've installed Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.8 (version 1.4) and want to customize a few things (I have relatively good PHP and JS knowledge). The main thing I'm having trouble with customizing now is the homepage (when the user is not logged in)....
  • Comment Box

    By Sam
    A VERY simple widget based entirely on's universal comment box so all credit goes entirely to them. It is the first widget I have ever done, simpler than 'helloworld' tbh as it is just embedding a simple code. Didn't really intend on...