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  • Upgrading plugins.

    By wink2010 in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hello,     I have upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8 and am trying to bring as many plugins along with me as I can.  I was hoping to find a list of all the deprecated functions in 1.8.  Where can I find such a list?     Also, is there an easier way to accomplish th...
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  • rewrite problem with install of 1.8

    By Cim in the group Feedback and Planning
    i'm pretty computer savvy but this new vps i got is driving me nuts lol. i did a fresh install of centos 5 with kloxo as my cpanel alternative. now i can't seem to pass the first requirement check which is to disable open_basedir. trust me, i've done my research and it's still not working. can so...
    Tags: fresh, install, 1.8
  • Easy Theme

    By juBo
    Please note: You are welcome to download and use Easy Theme for as long as it works, but I am no longer able to offer support. Can be used to create a centred panel design using your own background and header image. Can be used to create a 100% page design... and to edit the colours of th...
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  • Roadmap for 1.8 and further

    By idiotter in the group Feedback and Planning
    I was looking for an offical roadmap for 1.8 and other versions. Is there anywhere something like this, where i can check the ETA and planned features? Checked also for this but I'm no coder, so i can't check sources and imagine what's coming :-(
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  • ElggDesign Compatibility Guarantee

    By Gone
    Tags: 1.8, compatibility
  • ELGG v1.8

    By cj in the group General Discussion
    Hi, I've been looking all over for news about v1.8, but can't find anything, what's the latest news about v1.8? How can I get on the beta program?
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  • elgg news plugin - 1.8 (svn)

    By bman
    Had a request by email for my news plugin from Duuit! (, this is the current version I am using that works with our tree that is based off of 1.8 svn.
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  • Elgg 1.9 / Elgg 1.8 / Elgg 1.7 - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) - traducao do Elgg para Portugues Brasileiro

    By R.Cerceau
     Elgg 1.7.11 - use version 1.7.11 plugin  Elgg 1.7.14 - use version 1.7.14 plugin  Elgg 1.8b1 - use version 1.8b1 plugin  Elgg 1.8.1 - use version v.1.8.1 plugin (100% traduzido)  Elgg 1.8.2 - use version v.1.8.2 plugin (100%...
    Tags: pt, pt-br, portugues, português, portuguese, traducao, tradução, translation, brasil, brazil, translationbrowser, 1.7, 1.8
  • How to load js files in ajax_view out the elgg_view_page?

    By Luciano Lima in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Guys. I registered an ajax_view and inside it I have put an elgg_load_js which is duly registered. The problem is that elgg_load_js function only runs on elgg_view_page function which is the last function in the process to show the entire page. I only need the html generated by the elgg_view_enti...
    Tags: ajax, view, js, load, 1.8
  • elgg 1.8

    By Gabriel Vargas in the group Spanish Community Group
    Hola. ¿Alguien sabe cuando va a salir el nuevo elgg 1.8? Es importante para un desarrollo que tengo algo avanzado, ya que es algo asi como un tema/shell y eso del cambio de css/javascript en la version 1.8 lo dejara incompatible :S y pues necesito saber cuando se lanzara esa versió...
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