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  • elgg news plugin - 1.8 (svn)

    By bman
    Had a request by email for my news plugin from Duuit! (, this is the current version I am using that works with our tree that is based off of 1.8 svn.
  • ELGG v1.8

    By cj in the group General Discussion
    Hi, I've been looking all over for news about v1.8, but can't find anything, what's the latest news about v1.8? How can I get on the beta program?
  • Roadmap for 1.8 and further

    By idiotter in the group Feedback and Planning
    I was looking for an offical roadmap for 1.8 and other versions. Is there anywhere something like this, where i can check the ETA and planned features? Checked also for this but I'm no coder, so i can't check sources and imagine...