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  • Will replied on the discussion topic Unable to loging in with IE8 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I recently move to IE8, and now I can't logging in any Elgg website with this browser. But I have no problem with IE7 or Mozilla. Is somebody know about that? Don't told me to use Mozilla, I can't ask user to use more one browser than other...
    • I've tested IE8 on Vista, I have no problem whit it.

      But IE8 + XP, doesn't work on my computer.

      I read a topic about timezone between my server and I. If it's only me, I don't care, I use FF in place of IE. But I would like to know if other people have this same probem to access to my elgg website.

      If you can try, here is the url :


      Thanks in advance for your feedback!


    • I am in a similar situation. Only...

      IE8 + Vista Business works at the office;

      IE8 + Windows7 and IE8 + Vista Home not working at home.

      After reading around on the Internet, it seems to be a selective problem. We are hosted on SiteGround and I am wondering if there is enough buzz on here if it will make it to 1.5.6....

      But a solution NOW would be great!

    • Same problem here. I have some users reporting they can't login using IE 8.

      I suspect Microsoft has rolled out a bad update.

      A solution is very much needed...

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