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  • Post your elgg site link here, remember to tell us a little about your site :-)
    • Welcome to the Coder-base Community!

      Programming community

      • welcome to the coder-base community for programmers coder-base reserves this space for the programmer
      • coder-base is a community for coders no matter what you program in Welcome
      • in coder-base you can have a profile blogs pages upload your projects make friends start groups
      • Meet other Coders Find help on code
      • code base is a simple community for the programmer code base is a programmers social-network !
    • Lots of great looking Elgg sites here...nice to see.

      I'm working on one for entrepreneurs and other small business owners to network, share ideas and advertise their products and/or services.

    • Collective Knowledge Network (RESA)
      Collective Knowledge Network (RESA), emerged from a doctoral research in Computer Education, UFRGS, IF Fluminense and Course Administration ISECENSA, with the support of CNPq, aimed to create a Learning Environment for Complex Supervised Internship , with the research environment, the undergraduate degree in Business Administration from a private university.

      The concept of Complex Thought Edgard Morin, with the need to foster a learning environment in Complex Supervised Internships in an undergraduate degree in Business Administration emerged Collective Knowledge Network (RESA), which today has more than 200 users, distributed in several groups (communities) with the participation of different education institutions.

      Access the RESA, register and participate:

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