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  • Tanz commented on the plugin Genealogy
    Hi, love this plugin, I've got a php code for a genealogy software that I want to put into Elgg, but have no idea how to change the code into Elgg. Would you be interested in assisting me with that or discussing it.
  • Tanz commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics]
    Hi Tidypics I'm having problems uploading photo's straight from my SD Card, I get an error that the bytes are too large, In my tidypics settings, size is set @ 5mb and my photo's are 2mb each, am I suppose to convert them to something...
  • Tanz commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    HI Jereon I'm just enquiring whether I can populate a drop down box that allows users to multi select cities? Also do I have to individually put in each city or can I populate it from an excell spreadsheet?  Thankyou for the...
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  • Tanz replied on the discussion topic New to Elgg
    Hello there, I'm new to Ellg, but I know my way around php, I have written a full genealogy plugin in php, however I didn't realise that our network that I wrote the plugin for was using Ellg, my dilemma is how do I intergrate php into Ellg, I've... view reply
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