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  • thomas replied on the discussion topic Installationsproblem - Registrierung
    Hallo, hast du die .htaccess-Datei korrekt eingerichtet, wie sie im Installationsassistenten angezeigt wird. Dies war bei mir immer das Problem. Ansonsten würde ich mal die aktuelle SVN-Version testen. Glaube in der Zwischenzeit wurde auch... view reply
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  • thomas added a new discussion topic Documentation of new elgg_get_*-functions in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hi, I started writing a plugin based on the new functions. Is there any documentation available? I need some infos about finding entities based on multiple metadata_names and metadata_values...
  • thomas replied on the discussion topic Is there a way to access "disabled" users?
    Have a look at this plugin: It also shows disabled users: Perhaps it helps. view reply
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  • thomas replied on the discussion topic Don't allow multiple widgets in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, today i startet working with elgg. It's a very nice script, but i have one big problem: Why is it possible, that users can add multiple instances of one widget to their dashboard or profile page? In the code i see this...
    • Thomas, I've reported this. I'll let you know when it is fixed.

    • Rob, now i was able to reproduce your problem an I found a much better solution. I will post it to trac, when I will be able to create an account.

    • @ Thomas, appologies for the delayed repy, my cable connectio flunked on me yesterday and only just realised my new mobile phone allows internet connection sharing haha.

      I'm glad you were able to reproduce what I was getting, it means I likely didn't put the code mentioned above in the wrong places etc, always a little risk with an always self teaching soul like myself. ;)

      I've tried to get to some trac pages myself, when I have seen people post them and certain one's interested me but all I get is an error, something about FF won't allow it as it's a self signed ecurity certificate.

      Keep me posted once it lets you create an account and if possible send me an IM at that time with the trac url, it would be much appreciated. :)


  • thomas replied on the discussion topic cache problem in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I want to know , how to clear cache in elgg?. Does their any elgg functions ? Please help me
    • Hello Kettyking  ,

      Did you update the icontime in the session and entity after  edit ?

      update $_SESSION['user']->icontime = time();
      (You can set the icontime of the entity after the file uploading  code.)
      Since the profile image uploading invokes the hook 'entity:icon:url'
      it returns a url as follows,which includes icon time as lastcache.

      $CONFIG->wwwroot . 'mod/profile/icondirect.php?lastcache='.$icontime.'
      (please check the code )

      in the editicon.php the icontime is taking from session.

      In case of other entity types for example in case of groups
      it is required to set icontime of the entity  after upload.
      if required  you can register your own entity:icon:url hook in the start.php

      example :

          register_plugin_hook('entity:icon:url', entity_type, 'icon_hookfunction');
          then define the icon_hookfunction in the start.php itself.
      I hope , this may be helpful for you . Try it out and  let me know the result.

      Thank you



    • Hello v!N!t@,

                     fantastic!  ....  Even Kevin couldn't solve this problem. But You did it. Great!

    • Kettyking, please explain more about what this is:

      "I have added an option in the admin panel (in usermanagement section) for managing the user's profile icon."

      Is this a special plugin?