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  • wesley replied on the discussion topic Renaming Groups to GUILDS
    Okay so just change each one to GUILD on the right side of the assignemnt there by making it recognize it still as the GROUPS but displays GUILDS ... I will let you know how it turns out. view reply
  • wesley replied on the discussion topic Integrating a Forum
    @Mike(Vazco) Does your forum implement categories with different boards on the forum? I know when I first tried it, there were none, I need to seperate the discussions into several boards accross the forum itself. Please let me know via PM please!... view reply
  • wesley added a new discussion topic Integrating a Forum in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I know that there are many plugins but I have yet to find one that works or that suits my needs. I want to have a forum integrated with Elgg, that has categories and connected with the river function as well. Any suggestions? If I have used it...
    • Has anyone managed to get dual login working with jfusion and elgg ?

      I am intersted in having elgg as the master and joomla as the slave.

      I have it working when I log into joomla first and then go to my elgg homepage but

      not the other way around

    • After examining the cookies that are created when doing an elgg logon and doing a joomla logon I notice that

      Both logins create cookies with the domain of mydomain.com and with a path of / which is correct and what I am looking for

      However, the joomla login creates a cookie with a name value that is a MD5 hash

      Looking at the elgg source code, it creates and looks for a cookie called elggperm

      How do I get the jfusion elgg plugin to generate a cookie with the name elggperm instead of MD5 hash and would that be enough to actually get this working?  Would getting elgg generating a name that is an MD5 hash work.   I note that it is a different MD5 hash than the cookies value field.

      Has anyone got dual logon working?

    • I had been looking for a forum plugin or something that works quite seamlessly with ELGG. I eventually found threaded forums, which works great as a replacement to the group forums. Sadly, I was not able to incorporate it as a normal forum.

      Then I found simple forum... but it was too simple. A basic, single default forum available to everyone instead of a single group. It worked as it said, but was too plain.

      I then decided I was going to just clone the groups plugin and change the layout around a bit and make it more of a forum.

      After failing to do that, as cloning a plugin as advanced as the groups plugin proved to be a bigger challenge then I had initially thought, I finally found this:


      It was exactly what I needed. Simple but not too simple. It has forum categories, a pretty nice topic view layout, and the ability to close topics.

      I hope this helps.

  • wesley replied on the discussion topic Renaming Groups to GUILDS
    I tried that and it did not WORK :( Darn it! :'( I edited the Contacts one as you mentioned and put it in Word and it did not work for me :( Does it change the word GROUPS on the TOOLS menu to Guilds as well? Just need something that works :( view reply
  • wesley replied on the discussion topic Renaming Groups to GUILDS
    Okay I payed quite a bit of attention however, I am confused as to what you mean when you say REPLACE function. Will it say that? I have opened it up in FILE MANAGER and I see three folders not sure wat else to do. view reply
  • wesley commented on the plugin Forum
    It also states that it is a misconfigured plugin.
  • wesley commented on the plugin Forum
    Well, the error here is that when I get it into the plugins and try to activate it, it disables itself and tells me that my answer to the problem lies in the wiki for elgg. I am not sure how else to describe it.   It won't even let me get to...
  • wesley commented on the plugin Forum
    Okay, this one does not work either :( Don't know what to do it gives me the same exact thing. Direct me to the ELGG wiki and disables itself. Please help?