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  • Abayomi Oladipupo added a new discussion topic Is ELGG Community now better that 2 years ago? in the group General Discussion
    I was once using elgg here, but due to the issue of bugs and no one is ready to assist me from this community, I pulled out then, i was using the logo with VAZEBOOK and now i think elgg should have been better now, but meanwhile i created a site...
    • As for getting help it's hard to compare your experience as you apparently created new account and have no history of previous conversations. Usually not getting help has something to do with doing one of common mistakes, have a look at http://learn.elgg.org/en/2.0/admin/getting-help.html If you've found any issues with Elgg core, you should post a ticket at https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues

      When we talked with Lianglee about OSSN, he stated that it has nothing in common with Elgg, so I fail to see why would you ask questions about it on Elgg community? OSSN has it's own - better to seek help there.

      If you're looking into hiring web developers in general, you should write in professional services group, not the general discussion one: in https://elgg.org/groups/profile/75603/professional-services

    • @Abayomi i can see that your website is running on Ossn and you have posted thread on Elgg community i don't know if it make sense. You already posted thread about Facebook login on Ossn Community. Its not easy to create facebook login just using simple login button.

      Ossn and Elgg not behave same like each other,  Ossn have few things similar in naming functions but all works differently. 

      I was once using elgg here, but due to the issue of bugs and no one is ready to assist me from this community

      On Ossn you have created  40 discussion topics and its not easy to create every future you want in hours. I never saw your on elgg community in previous 5 years. Elgg and Ossn both are free and opensource that doesn't mean we are available 24 hours to work on new releases and to create everything you want. We have Jobs and family we have to give time to all things.

      As Pawel Said, if you wanted to some custom feature about Elgg, you can hire a developer from Elgg Professional services group https://elgg.org/groups/profile/75603/professional-services