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  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Get / offer professional help on Elgg; like customization, design, development, setup, hosting... Illegal trades are not allowed.


  • User:_till commented on the plugin Pages tools
    The (group)pages tool is very valuable for me and I use it as a core element of my network. Thank you, Jerome Bakker, for this. Is there any way to decouple the write access from the possibility to crate sub-pages. I want to rectrict people from...
  • User:_till joined the group Professional Services
  • User:_till commented on the plugin AU Subgroups
    Thanks for your quick reply, Matt Beckett. I was going to use the subgroups to structure content, not users, but I think I'll rather use 'pages' for this then, even though the group/membership relation isn't as clear.
  • User:_till commented on the plugin AU Subgroups
    Many thanks to the developer(s) it's a very useful plugin for me. There's just one issue for me: Is it somehow possible to inherit group membership (I only use 'closed groups') automatically from the parent to it's sub-groups - meaning that a member...