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  • uaejeroen added a new discussion topic widgets gallery in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I don't have widgets in my gallery, how I can install widgets?I can upload theme's in the folder mods. where do I have to upload the widgets so I can see it in the widgets gallery?Yesterday I downloaded the full default widgets...
    • upload it to the mod directory for your elgg installation. For example,

      Then enable the plugin via tool administration

    • I'm not sure what you exactly mean by "gallery". Do you mean your profile page, the dashboard or something else? You can configure both the dashboard and your profile page via the "Edit page" button in the upper right corner. There you can add/remove/position the widgets.

      The available widgets depend on the plugins you have enabled on your site (via the admin section). If you don't see any widgets to be added you most likely have not even enabled the plugins bundled with Elgg. Additional plugins can be downloaded here on the community site. They must be copied to the mod subfolder on your server and then getting enabled also.

      You can also set up a default profile page and dashboard layout for new users via the admin section on your site. If you use the Widget Manager plugin you have some more options to configure default layouts and you can also set them up for all (including existing) accounts.

      BEWARE: the plugin you have linked to is completely outdated - and the features seem also be included in Elgg core in the meantime!!!

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