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  • tomrice commented on the plugin Everyone Friends
    Hi calroo :) A) That would be the folder you uploaded all the Elgg files to, usually public_html B) Just visit this page in your browser: then delete the file via FTP afterwards
  • tomrice commented on the plugin Everyone Friends
    Hi guys sorry for the late re-entry I've just uploaded a minor update new version.
  • tomrice released a new version of the plugin Everyone Friends
    • Conceptually great! But what are the possible use cases? I am trying to imagine the pros and cons

    • I'm not sure of the use case, but has anybody actually tested this with actual users?  I don't think it's mathematically possible.

      Consider you have 2 users - you need 2 relationships, one each way

      3 users - you need 6 relationships for everyone to be friends with everyone else

      4 users = 24 relationships

      I'm not a mathematician, but I think number of relationships ends up as the number of users factorial - which will grow to be huge in very short order.

      In fact 13! = 6227020800

      Which exceeds the 32 bit integer limit...

    • It's been pointed out to me that I was wrong in my assessment of it being n! (I did say I'm not a mathematician) - but it is n(n-1) which is still not scalable

      Assuming absolutely no other relationships exist you could have a theoretical maximum limit of 46341 users before you hit the 32 bit integer limit.  That's before considering the performance impact of such a table, and queries that use things like ACCESS_FRIENDS...