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  • nguyentoan commented on the plugin chat
    Hi moneya, no, it doesn't require bottom bar Thank Krischan.  
  • nguyentoan commented on the plugin chat
    Hi tina1000 and Krischan, Smiley icon doesn't show because I've merged two plugin together and I did'n change icon url(http://mysite/mod/group_chat/graphics/smiley/smile.gif) -> it should be like...
  • nguyentoan released a new version of the plugin chat
    • I've removed the advertising

      @Efrain - don't do that

    • 1. Sometimes the online icon image does not show up or is broken and the image path is something like
      elgg/mod/group_chat/graphics/icons/online_s.png - there is no group_chat folder in mod
      2. How does an user personally disbale chat - for example, if she/he does not want to be called for chat
      3. How can one user show busy or be invisible like in any standard chat
      4. Not working with I.E. 8 ( many winXP users still there, and IE 8 is the latest available for winXP) - chat window shows but messages, after typing, do not get sent

      How to have more admion controls or settings like freichat for elgg? How to disable the bottom bar?
      Does this use comet or ajax? Does it support multiple simulataneous users easily or slows down the site (that is is this plugin resource intensive?)

      Is this being actively developed? Will there be 1.9 version?

  • nguyentoan uploaded a new plugin: chat
  • nguyentoan commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Fivestar]
    Hello iionly, I'm trying to put it to a form but it doesn't work. Could you give me any idea?