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  • thabet replied on the discussion topic Multisite on Elgg 1.6 in the group Plugin Development
    I started testing Multisite on the new Elgg 1.6 release. Please post here any issue you find, any bug or error, or suggestion to improve Multisite on Elgg 1.6. I'll post more details on testing later on.
    • I am glad to see this discussion starting again, this shows that multisite usage is still interesting a lot of people.

      I have to say that here in France, a lot of people are interested in setting their elgg installation for multisite, and i have been very busy with that the last months (i am still :)) but the great new is that this was very helpful to get some experience and knowledge about this in différent situations.

      Another good news is that multisite is now officaly announced by the curverider team as a feature available soon. Dave Tosh contacted me about that, and it seems that this will be implemented in elgg 2.0 (i would have loved to get it before that).

      We have to discuss more about all this stuff, this is the reason why i setted up that group, but i have to apologize for my silence the last months :) but as i said before, i have been busy on it, i know i think that multisite can go out of its experimental status and we can talk about production site. Its a new step and i am glad to see so many people involved in it.

      In my point of view, we have to list all the core modifications that are needed to support multisite. I already made a bunch of track and i propose that we collaborate to work on this . I will make a summary of my already made tracks about multisite, and i will start a discussion here, so everyone wil be abble to discuss his/her own idea about it. This will be helpful for a full implementation of multisite in the core

      Design is another point, again i agree with Dhrup that we have to collaborate about it. In my point of view the design discussion is much more about the multisite plugin itself than the core modifications, even if both are linked of course. Another point is that we now can talk about specific plugins for multisite usages as the multisite plugin itself should be dedicated to the multisite administration.

      @Alivin, of course the 2.2 version is a child of the previous one, and as we talked about, i implemented the multisite switching based on an event handler. Sorry again for my silence, i have been swimming under the water for a while :)



    • what is the purpose of this plugin ? why having 2 or more elgg site?

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