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  • tcare replied on the discussion topic How to add an icon?!
    Do you want to add an icon (avatar) to your profile, or are you trying to add a LOGO on the front page of your website? view reply
  • tcare replied on the discussion topic scribd embedding
    Which Elgg version are you using? view reply
  • tcare replied on the discussion topic Renaming the top Menu contents
    I would think that to rename the Dashboard, you may want to look at the core language file.  - I believe that the Dashboard is part of Elgg Core.  The location is at: <ELGG ROOT FOLDER>/languages/en.php.  Look for the section... view reply
  • tcare added a new discussion topic Lack of response is a bit discouraging around here! in the group General Discussion
    I have been evaluating Elgg over the past several weeks and I really like it.  However, I am getting a little turned off due to the lack of response in these group discussion areas.  Here are two posts I have...
    • On the community, usually people who try their best and reach a certain level of coompletion of their codes, requiring only a few seconds for the other developers to get into the loop and post a quick-fix, get replies.

      What you have written on the first link actually is a project, not a quick-fix. It would take some while to code that. So, no one posted back mostly because of lack of time.


      I see Webgali has replied to the second link.


      PS. If you are new to Elgg, why are you going for Elgg 1.8b1? Remember, it is a Beta1. So, there could be some stability issues or bugs. You might wanna go for the last official release i.e. Elgg 1.7.8.

    • Bumping is generally discouraged in forums, including Elgg's.

      @tcare - These two questions can be answered by reading documentation and searching the site. Most people won't answer questions that have been answered before or can be answered by reading the documentation.

  • tcare replied on the discussion topic How to install theme?
    Better yet - if you want to see the version outside of the app - open up the file "version.php" in the Elgg installation root folder. view reply
  • tcare replied on the discussion topic How to install theme?
    In quick summary: 1.  I am not sure about the various versions of Elgg and not exactly sure why you don't know which version you are using, but you can see the version in the Readme.txt file in your elgg root folder (At least it shows for... view reply