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  • svind added a new discussion topic New Installment in the group Form and related plugins
    Dear Kevin, I'm installing the form plugin under elgg v1.7. Then I tried to create a new form, when I want to add new field it always send me to the dashboard page and then nothing added, such seems I cant add new fields. Did I do anything wrong at...
    • Was this then causing PHP to run out of memory and therefore behave strangely?

      I'm not sure that I understand what the problem was.

    • I will dive deeper tomorrow, but i think it has something to do with the sendbuffersize of Apache. If this is smaller than the php buffer...

    • Hi

      i like your event plugin,

      but I have some problem with form plugin. Almost all plugins installs without a problem, but flexreg can't be turned on to work. I have form and flexprofile plugins activated and above flexreg but it does not help, still flexreg give me info that it is wrong configured.

      I have elgg 1.7

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