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  • no_one commented on the plugin video plugin
    hi i installed you plugin and it is sweet.  only one issue tho. it only seems to search if i use single words in the search bar???  as in if i write "funny" it looks for funny.   if i write "funny comedians", it searches but...
  • no_one commented on the plugin Elgg_chat dark (Compatible with v1.7)
    hi again i found this line in ta css file:    overflow-y: auto;white-space: nowrap;   would i change the "nowrap" with wrap to make the text wrap so no scroll bar appears? any help is apreciated thanks in...
  • no_one commented on the plugin Elgg_chat dark (Compatible with v1.7)
    hi thanks for the great plugin it works great on 1.7 just one little problem.  the text does not wrap properly some times?  anyway i can make it wrap automatically and not give me the scroll bar at the buttom thanks in advance spec
  • no_one commented on the plugin Shout-outs
    this is a pukka plugin,  would be perfect if it worked on 1.7x also. ;)
  • no_one commented on the plugin Cubet Membership Manager
    hi i would like to know if this plugin could be used with the pro version of your ecommerce plugin to allow different membersship type more or less options regards to whether or not they can create their own stores or not? thanks
  • no_one commented on the plugin Elgg Social Commerce Plugin
    Lovegin John with the pro version, is it possible to set up some sort of option where by only 'premium' users would be able to create their own stores, or even given extra access to wish lists and other things like favorates etc and standard...
  • no_one commented on the plugin Alpha Video Gallery
    hi i tried this plugin on both 1.6x and 1.7x. on 1.6x it starts to search but never finds anything. on 1.7x i recieved a missin token message. I don't know any php, but if some one would be so kind as to show me what piece of code i need to change...
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