About me: Elgg plugin and website designer, focusing on UX/UI enhancements and testing for group communications and project management. I work with coders to fix bugs, improve navigational pathways, and design innovative features and tools.

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  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Benefits of Blog feature compared to Pages?
    Four things come to mind: Blogs can save drafts prior to publishing Blogs have setting to add an image in a standard location Blogs have a short description setting Blogs have a widget to provide the title, image and short... view reply
  • You can use the Profile_Manager plugin to do this.  view reply
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic crowdfunding plugins
    @ura soul my ONLY suggestion is to add a facility to provide a way for uncoded plugins/ideas to be listed on the site, with links to crowdfunding pages - such that they can be supported if desired. @brett I don't think crowdfunding is a... view reply
  • Ed commented on the plugin Widget Manager
    I don't think it is currently possible with default Elgg to set a widget to be accessible to logged out users and not accessible to logged in members. You would probably need to define a new access setting to make that possible.    
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Social network analysis for Elgg
    I was hoping to use SNA4Elgg to visualize relationships among members, groups, and content similar to how Thinkbase was able to do this for Freebase.com data: http://readwrite.com/2008/06/05/thinkbase_mapping_the_worlds_brain. I think that ThinkMap... view reply
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Proposal for better login UX
    @Evan: Sure. I have not been asked to reset anyone's password since I bolded this text. Before that, I was getting requests once or twice a week through personal channels and the site's feedback email address. view reply
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Proposal for better login UX
    An easy mod I made that has had a huge effect on recovering lost passwords is to bold "Lost password" using translation editor: <strong>Lost password</strong>. view reply
  • Ed commented on the plugin Tooltip Editor
    This plugin works great for me using FF28, IE11, and Chrome33 on Win7. I don't have minify installed yet.
  • Ed commented on the plugin Follow Tags
    This plugin works great for me, except that toggling the setting to allow users to follow tags resulted in a major fatal error. In general, when the user added a tag to follow, their account was modified to access_id = ACCESS_LOGGED_IN. This means...
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Fake users registration attack
    spam_login_filter along with honeypot and uservalidation by email are a really good combo, however, you need to train spam_login_filter to work optimally and that depends on your community and their topics. Here are some suggestions: - Populate... view reply
  • Ed commented on the plugin File Tools
    My understanding is that not being able to access public content in closed groups is an issue with Elgg logic: content access settings are overridden by group access settings. I think that this constraint is removed in 1.9.x (I hope so!) but there...
  • Ed commented on the plugin Plugin Manager
    This is great! Thanks!
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Friends / Friends of
    Here is a plugin you can use as an example. However, I've found that translation editor does everything that I want for editing text except for the use and order of %s in phrases that contain multiple... view reply
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic Friends / Friends of
    Translation Editor is awesome for these kinds of edits: http://community.elgg.org/plugins/385116/1.3/translation-editor It adds a new admin setting under Configure -> Appearance -> Translation Editor view reply
  • Ed commented on the plugin Follow Tags
    Works great! A couple suggestions: 1) Provide check boxes for both messages and notifications like available for other notifications. 2) Use a carriage return to add a new tag to follow instead of a space. For example, if you want to follow a tag...
  • Ed commented on the plugin HTML email handler
    I made this request to support special characters in email subjects: https://github.com/ColdTrick/html_email_handler/issues/7
  • Ed added a new discussion topic Add Comment_Tracker to Elgg Community in the group Feedback and Planning
    It would be really helpful for members to stay informed about discussions here if Matt Beckett's Comment Tracker was added to this site. I suggest using the latest version and also allowing members to subscribe via the subscribe button from version...
    • I believe this is being blocked by Elgg's current notification system which isn't quite efficient and flexible enough for sites with a lot of users. But there's good news: the whole notification system is being rewritten for Elgg 1.9. Once the community site gets upgraded to 1.9 it will be possible to implement more sophisticated notification features.

      Cash has been working hard on the new system. He's written literally thousands or rows of code for it and most of the new features have already been merged to the development version of Elgg 1.9.

      Ticket about adding a built-in subscription system to Elgg core already exist: https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/3871 (it's however still waiting to be implemented).

      So don't worry, we'll get the subscription system! There's just some other work that needs to be finished first. :)

  • Ed commented on the plugin BabelRoom
    I started detailed testing of the 2.37.3b version of the plugin and posted my first session findings in the Google Group: Ed’s testing of BabelRoom for Elgg 1.8 version 2.37.3b – Session 1
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic what's happening with Elgg 1.9?
    Thanks guys. Sorry if my post came across as snarky. It wasn't meant to be. I truly love Elgg and really, REALLY appreciate all the work that ALL of you put into it. I understand that developing a framework is NOT easy and many of you volunteer your... view reply
  • Ed replied on the discussion topic what's happening with Elgg 1.9?
    Thanks for all your feedback about 1.9. I checked out the links, and there is really no way to get a high-level overview of what the big picture changes will be. Also, with 61 current issues and new ones being regularly added.. AFAIK release date... view reply


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